I live here

I’ve just been lucky enough to finally find a computer with Hanzi (汉字) software,
A miracle in China.
I’m afraid I get no privileged access to the net at all, and most of the time there are at least two Russians playing computer games in here.  I honestly don’t know why some of them came to China.
Anyway I was talking about hanzi because it means I can finally write down my address for you
I’m afraid that if you write the address without the Chinese characters (汉字) it might be useless to send anything,
the best bet if you can is to copy, paste and print out the address if poss., because no one will understand it if you go a little too far on one line.  Talk about perfectionists.

Peoples Republic of China 中国,

LiaoNing Province 辽宁,

JinZhou City 锦州,

BoHai University渤海大学

West Campus 西区

Internation Exchange Building 国际交流楼

Jonathan Rackham 马礼


Unfortunately it’s probably too late for Christmas.
On another bright side it looks like I might be selling my soul doing some marketing for the local massive oil related company wanting to open its European market.
Well I’m learning lots, although my classes are still not perfect,
and my Chinese is far from it.


One Response to “I live here”

  1. Home Decor Says:

    Hey man, It’s Chris here.

    I don’t reckon a piece of toast will get all the way there.

    Are you gonna come home at some point?

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